Honey desserts

Mellis Berry desserts are a healthy alternative to conventional desserts like regular cakes and pies. It all started rather differently though as a series of experiments on the kitchen by a software developer. Early prototypes were developed using perforator drill and fresh berries. Eventually the recipe evolved and we now have honey with very creamy texture and just enough dried berries to get a perfect combination of tastes.

Honey is the perfect preservative so we do not need any other ingredients apart from berries of course. We never heat treat honey so that it retains all of its healthy nutrients, and our berries are dried on a very low temperature for several days to keep the vitamins, the taste and their distinct aroma. Sustainability is in the heart of our business. We love hiking and backpacking in the forests and mountains, breathing the air of wild forests. For this reason we try to use local ingredients as much as possible in order to reduce the CO2 emissions generated by transportation.

Some of our berries are wild harvested, some of them were grown in our garden. Our hives are located away from the roads and close to forests so that you can enjoy the best taste.