I’ve been working with computers for all my life. At the age of 15 I could use computers only in school so I was writing Perl code on a sheet of paper and then trying to run it in school. Now I am 28, and this is my last week working for an awesome software startup in the heart of London. I am taking a break to travel and work on Mellis Berry.

During the busy days I can spend 14-15 hours in front of computer screen. Because you know, developers always have side projects and crazy ideas. In order to force myself to spend less time with code I started cooking. I love hacking and experimenting with code, and this worked out well with cooking. Think of Ferran Adrià or Heston Blumenthal who are amazing chefs and food hackers.

Having played with food for some time I stumbled upon soft set (creamed) honey. It is a process of breaking up the large crystals into smaller ones which then cannot form again, so you end up with a “buttery” consistency. I started making small batches of creamed honey using a drill, then adding different berries to it and sharing with friends. Soon people started asking me for more and I ended up experimenting further with different tastes and techniques.

As the production grew from miniscule to small I decided to create a label and a brand for it. That is how Maria, who is currently a design student, became my business partner.

Currently we are in the process of preparing the documents to get the food producer’s license so we can create honey in larger quantities and sell it.

Next week I am flying to Spain to meet one of our future berry suppliers. A story follows…