It is mid-spring now and the winter is long gone, we have the new batch of honey delight on sale. So how did it happen? How hard can it be to find a food supplier in winter?

Our production is located in Estonia, relatively cold country with temperatures ranging from 0 to -25C in winter. You can guess that nothing blossoms here until late May or early June. But when the sun rays finally become warm the speed with which everything changes is truly stunning.

We source our berries and honey from small and responsible producers, we visit them and find out their story. This is the reason why in February I have travelled almost 600 km (twice longer than the country itself) to find honey and raspberries.

We have agreed with Yuhan to meet after lunch. Yuhan is an 80-year old farmer who grows amazing quality raspberries and happened to have enough stock (we got 20 kg). While the road to his farm was quite easy we took a few wrong turns and got lost without the GPS. The air was crisp and the temperature was close to -10C which is why Yuhan started to curse me as he was patiently waiting me near the highway and I was hopelessly trying to locate his house. People living in the country side are very different from city people, and I found it out. In the end his berries are great, I wish you could feel the smell when we were drying them for the whole week.

Buying honey was much easier, although the process was longer. Most of the bee keepers were out of stock, and we wanted to get the honey directly from producers. That way you get the raw unfiltered honey with all the good things. After several days of calling every known bee keeper I almost lost the hope until I received a suggestion to check the local market. Luckily I found a farmer over there who had lots of great quality honey with him that we were able to buy.

Winter was the wrong time to start a business that depends on summer but this tought us many good lessons. And as the new season arrives we come well prepared. The experiments are still continuing, but we are one step closer to getting the perfect recipe!