While doing the last batch of honey I tried to do a small experiment with sea buckthorn. This was a failure. Not because of the berry itself but the recipe. As a result I have about 10 jars of honey which I cannot give to anyone and cannot throw away because the components are still good. So I’m adding the jar contents everywhere I can. Some of these experiments are quite good.

Whenever you have a baking recipe the most important thing in it is the oven temperature. Set it to 180°C, wait 1 hour and you’re done. The reality is you might be lucky and have it done in 1 hour, or it might be undercooked, or you take it out crisp-black. The problem here is not always you or the recipe but also the oven. The temperature difference between the stated and the real inside it might be huge – from 5 degrees and up to 40 and even more. Which is why some restaurants calibrate their ovens every now and then.

So when you bake at home rely on your eyes, a wooden stick, or an external thermometer.