How do you get a license for producing food? (Good news is finally I got mine!)

In European Union it is possible to produce food for sale at home. You don’t need a commercial kitchen for that. This is how I started with making Mellis Berry delights (and will continue to do for the near future).

There are 4 main things you need to do or have to be able to register as the food producer: self-assessment plan, food hygiene training, health certificate from the doctor about your health, and water quality analyses. The longest and most complicated part here is the self-assessment plan. I felt I was writing a diploma. And this is the reason it took me nearly 5 months to do it. I describes the whole cycle of how the food moves: from start when (and where) you get the ingredients, how you process them, where you store, and finally how you distribute.

Unfortunately there is not a trove of information readily available that explains what I need to write. This also contributed to the 5 months I spent on my “food diploma”. However the officials working in the food department were extremely helpful.

Whats next? Wait for the bees to collect the first honey, and wait for the first berries to grow in the forest, and then prepare awesome delights. Simple!