What would you get if you mix brandy with honey and some binding compounds, then leave it to rest for about a week? You get amber!

So what happened is the other day after reading Heston Blumenthal I got curious and started playing with food. You know, mixing weird things together, heating them and freezing, glazing and reducing. And I got this weird jelly-looking thing which I left in the fridge for a day or two but then forgot about it. A week later I was about to throw it away because it looked completely miserable but in the last moment actually opted to give it a try.

Having taken a tiny bite my first thought was what on earth was that?! A minute later comes the desire to take another tiny bite. Eventually the whole thing (size of a finger nail) was gone. I guess gone forever.

The very strange taste of sweet alcohol, the absolutely weird texture, something that you don’t expect from the smell or the look, the taste that doesn’t belong here. This whole bizarre combination makes your brain go boom! Like chocolate and caviar.

When parents tell you not to play with food sometimes you should listen… and do the opposite :-)