I went from being a computer nerd to a person obsessed with cooking, food chemistry, and dessert making. It has been both very easy and really hard depending on how you look at it.

Do not be afraid of trying something completely new. I keep constantly hearing that you shouldn’t do stuff you do not know how to do. You shouldn’t fix the electricity wires if you have no idea about electricity. Before starting Mellis Berry I knew absolutely nothing about honey and bees apart that it is sweet and bees produce it. The best way to learn something new is to try it. A year has passed and I can talk a lot about the food hygiene, food laws and requirements, basic honey chemistry, preserving, and many other related topics.

By starting a new venture you meet many interesting people. I strongly believe that when you know many successful people you will eventually become one too. Since I’ve started working in the food industry I’ve met many young enterpreneurs who started like me. I found business partners with whom I became friends. I met amazing people who are willing to help me just because they like what I do. The world is full of great people that you will not meet just by working 9-to-5 in the office.

Failure is never a failure. You shouldn’t think of failure as a failure, instead consider it a valuable lesson that you can evaluate and use in future, the lesson that you can talk about to your children, friends, partners. Analyze these lessons, learn from them. I keep documenting all my hiccups, even the tiny ones so that I could later draw conclusions and see what can be done to avoid it.

Your family and friends will be proud. Many underestimate it but it is a joy knowing that someone is being proud of you. This knowledge gives a big boost to your level of happiness and makes you want to do even more. This is important.

So if you had something in your mind, go and try! Explore. Learn. Have fun.