Every morning this week I am cycling through the forest and along the sea, enjoying the amazing autumn weather we have, crisp cold air, bright blue sky, and the already cold sun, listening to Fences music. I then sort and weigh the ingredients, add honey, and put jars in the storage so the berries soak the honey and become softer, and honey borrows the smell and the taste of berries. It takes some time.

For some flavours I am using crushed berries. It frees the aroma which penetrates the honey more easily. This is when you get the smell of wild berries the moment you open the jar. This is the time when my flat smells raspberries, blueberries, strawberries again, and it is intoxicating.

The last remaining part is the label. It is almost ready. And it will play a big part in the overall experience when you receive the jar. It’s development and design has been a collaboration project from multiple countries.

I feel like it is a Kickstarter project. Even though there have been iterations and small releases, it took a long way to get here. And it’s almost ready. Almost.