When you explore an unknown area it is really hard to give estimates. While preparing documents for the health and food authority I thought it wouldn’t take more than a month. In reality the process extended to four months. I assumed that drying berries and making creamed honey will take the whole summer, and only few weeks ago I have finished packaging last jars. Partly this is because I am a software developer – we suck at giving right estimates.

This week I am sending labels to the print shop and announcing the availability of the full Mellis Berry range of honey delights: raspberry, blueberry, raspberry and blackberry, black and red currant, strawberry and rhubarb, sea buckthorn.

The price of a single jar is 12 EUR + delivery charges. Each jar is approximately 300g. I am not allowed to sell anything without the labels, however you can pre-order now. To do so, please leave a comment or send a message on Facebook or Instagram and I will get back to you.

Here is one of the little testers with blueberries which is here just for illustrative purposes (the real jars a twice bigger).