Curd pancakes recipe

This week I had a friend visiting us for a few days. She made us the traditional Russian curd pancakes, or syrniki as they are called here. What a better treat one can have in the morning that this? Whenever I smell them it must be a weekend because normally that’s when my mother had time to prepare them.

Curd pancakes are traditionally made by mixing cottage cheese, flour, eggs, and sugar and then frying on a pan. To reduce the amount of flour my mom used to add banana. This also made them a little bit sweeter and tastier. I sometimes substitute sugar for condensed milk or honey, or add vanilla extract in addition to sugar. You can also swap flour for semolina, but I prefer to use plain flour. There are many ways to make them interesting and tasty.

Here is the traditional recipe:

  • 250g of mashed cottage cheese
  • 1 egg
  • 3 tbsp of sugar
  • 3 tbsp of flour
  • 3 tbsp of sunflower oil

Beat the egg with sugar and then add cottage cheese. Mix well and add one table spoon of sunflower oil to make pancakes more tender. The rest of the oil is used for frying. Add flour and sugar to the dough and mix everything together. Cut the small pieces, wrap in some flour and fry on both sides until golden crisp. Use medium heated pan.

Curd pancakes recipe

There are many ways to serve pancakes. The most common one is with sour cream and jam. I like to have them with Mellis Berry strawberry and rhubarb honey delight. However the ways to serve them are not limited to only sweet. You can reduce the amount of sugar and use them as addition to eggs royale. Can there be a better breakfast?