The story with raspberries is rather funny. It happened in February 2015. We found Juhani, the owner of Veskikoni farm through the web. He was the only person selling frozen organic raspberries in the amounts we needed. Where else can you buy 20kg?

veskikoni talu

Juhani is between 70-80 years old, and is almost twice bigger than an average person, both in height and width. We were driving on a highway trying to locate the farm and unfortunately exactly at that day nobody had Internet on the phone. The old man stayed about 10-15 minutes outside waiting for us and all I heard in the phone was cursing. It was around -10C outside. One of us (or probably all) made a note that we shouldn’t buy from him anymore.

Eventually we received the best raspberries we’ve ever seen. Seriously, the smell is fantastic! The taste is superb. Couple of hours later we were happily driving back home. For the next batch we’ll probably buy from him again.

You can also read the full story here.


It’s quite hard to find blackberries in Estonia. In fact the only place selling them is Mesi Talu (or Honey Farm) located in Saku parish. The head of the farm, Aino, is an extremely friendly and lovely person. Recently her children bought few of our honey delights without telling her, and gave it as a present. She then called us in the evening and we talked for 15 minutes about everything.

Aino grows lots of other fruit and vegetables on her far. She also has chicken and alpacas!


We used ripe berries harvested in August 2015 for us. Later in October we combined these berries with raspberries and our creamed honey to make you a wonderful raspberry and blackberry honey delight.