dehydrated strawberry

We’ve got these strawberries from the local market in Tallinn, and they were brought here from the south of Estonia where they got the most from our northern sun. We didn’t know how many strawberries would fit into our equipment so bought 5 kg for the first run. Turned out that was way too much, almost twice as we could process. And because strawberries were really ripe they couldn’t wait 2 more days until their friends slowly dry so we had to eat 2.5 kg in the evening. That was the best dinner we’ve had!

If we manage to find these farmers again we’ll buy more strawberries! Twice as much so we can have this sweet treat again. By the way you can find their details on Facebook. And here’s the location of the farm:



Like black currants we’ve got the rhubarb from our grandfather. He has a small summer house with a big (for him, and actually for us as well) garden that has everything in it, even potatoes! Rhubarb is the worst possible plant that I could have imagine on the kitchen (remember one of us is a software developer, so not much experience with cooking tricks).

Throughout a week every evening I was on the kitchen for 2-3 hours peeling rhubarb and then slicing it into small pieces. Inferno – this is what I felt. We developers improve by iterating. Lessons learned and the next time I need to process rhubarb I will be using some magical slicer instead of a kitchen knife.

Our grandfather’s garden is located near the harbour city of Sillamäe which means the “bridge hill”.