Sea buckthorn

It was like in the James Bond movie: we used encrypted communication to negotiate the price, the place of exchange. In a public place we left the case with money and were then given the location of the truck with berries and keys left in ignition.

In reality it was much simpler. I have found Anne, the owner of Õismäe Talu through the portal where many farmers post their produce. Her farm is located in a wonderful city called Saue:

Sea buckthorn farm location



Our beehives are located in Mõisaküla, far away from the industrial noise of the cars and the city and surrounded by beautiful fields and forests. Every season, and even every month the taste of honey might change because some flowers grow only in spring, and some fields and meadows blossom in autumn.


Honey was harvested in July 2015 and packaged in October 2015.