Our grandfather has a small garden outside the city of Sillamäe where he grows everything ranging from potatoes and carrots to strawberries and rhubarb. This is where we got our rhubarb as well. In late summer and early autumn it’s a please to go there and get lost between the beds and just eat greens, berries, apples non-stop until you’re absolutely full and cannot move.

There is a long row of blackcurrant bushes separating our garden from the neighbour’s, and we have spent close to 3 hours inside it gathering total of 4 full buckets of berries. It then took the whole week to process blackcurrants.




While we do have some redcurrant bushes in our garden it wasn’t enough. We were able to gather just 3 litres of berries which when dried equals to about 500ml. Around the same time one of our friends found out about the production and we started chatting about bees, honey, gardening, and motorbikes (yes, he’s a fan of these vehicles too). Turned out that his father has a farm with lots of redcurrants that nobody needs or has time to process. We couldn’t wish for more!

His farm is also located close to Sillamäe. Apart from having various berries he also produces honey! What a great coincidence.