Mellis Berry has started as an experiment. I needed some time away from computers and wanted to create a real product, the one you can touch. Food was a natural choice for me given how much I love to cook and experiment, and so it began.
It took me couple of years to actually be ready to release something onto the market. And 2016 marks the first year I was selling honey delights. I’ve been to a few markets where I had a chance to meet customers in person. I sold a test batch in a souvenir shop and through a partner Internet shop. I sold to regular people, and to companies. I have sold all of my stock for this year, all 300 jars I have made.
99% of my clients are female. I had only 2 male customers, both of whom bought it for their loved ones. The two markets I’ve participated in weren’t commercial success. Yet they gave me so much feedback and positive emotions that I feel like I’ve got 1000% return on investment.
I gave an interview on a local radio which brought me one of the first clients. I had an interview with an online business magazine that still keeps bringing traffic to the website. And I have also found out there is a huge interest for Mellis Berry desserts in USA. Sadly I cannot sell there due to customs.
You have ordered honey delights to United Kingdom, Netherlands, Finland, Spain, Latvia, Russia, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, and of course Estonia.
Mellis Berry was an experiment to see whether there is any interest in such a product. It was an experiment for myself to try and build a product from scratch. I think this went pretty well. And so I am looking forward to summer 2017 to bring more interesting flavours and new products.
Wish you all the best for the coming year!