Honey dessert with black and red currants


These red and black currants were harvested by us on our grandfather’s garden. He had these bushes before we were even born, and they are still there. Tea, cakes, jams, macarons, and now honey dessert. Did you know that just 100g of black currants contains 218% of recommended daily amount of vitamin C?

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300g (net weight ~200g) creamed honey with black- and redcurrants

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These are the berries that our grandfather has been growing in his garden as long as we’ve been alive, and even more. Every summer a harvest of these berries was turning into jellies, pies, cakes, muffins, and frozen berries preserved for future. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to make a honey dessert with these amazing berries.

Blackcurrants contains so much vitamin C that just 100g has 213% of recommended daily amount. Both red- and blackcurrants contain minerals and other nutrients vital for our bodies to keep them healthy and withstand diseases.

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