Honey dessert with blueberries


Wild blueberries harvested in Estonian forests and creamed honey. This dessert packs a punch of vitamins and flavours. Desserts can be healthy too now.

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300g (net weight ~200g) creamed honey with blueberries

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Just like carrots blueberries also help preserve vision. They contain anti oxidants, flavonoids, vitamins A, B, C, E, selenium, zinc, phosphorus, and many others. Heart problems, brain health, digestion, anti ageing, improved memory, and supposedly also different types of cancer. Truly magical berry.

These blueberries have been harvested in the wild Estonian forests, away from the roads and cities. What can be more organic than wild berries? Combined with the creamed honey you get the best honey dessert for you tea party, or for any other occasion. Or just be selfish and it it all alone. You deserve it!