Honey dessert with strawberry and rhubarb


Pairing honey with something sour like rhubarb works really well. However rhubarb doesn’t really have a scent when you mix it into honey which is why it has been paired with strawberry that gives the smell everyone in the world knows and loves. These three ingredients together make a perfect match.

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300g (net weight ~200g) creamed honey with strawberry and rhubarb

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Rhubarb is quite controversial plant. In most parts of the world it is considered a vegetable, yet in the United States it is a fruit. However most of the times we personally use it as a fruit while making pies, jams, sorbets, and many other desserts.

Rhubarb is very high in calcium, in that it can probably be compared to cow’s milk. It is also packed with many other minerals, vitamins, and other organic compounds. Elements like zinc, sodium, magnesium, iron, vitamins of B group, C, E, K, polyphenolic flavonoids, dietary fiber, protein and calcium.

It helps the body to produce new red blood cells, improves the health of the bones, helps digestion, aids weight loss, increases the level of good cholesterol. A truly magical plant that must be present in everyone’s diet.

Similar to rhubarb strawberries contains large number of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Not only that, these berries have very sweet and distinctive smell that every child in the world would recognize. And no doubt you will feel that when opening the jar with this honey dessert.

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