Honey dessert with sea buckthorn


A honey desert with sea buckthorn and creamed honey. Sea buckthorn is an extremely sour berry, yet it contains so much vitamins, minerals, fatty oils, and other nutrients that it would be unfair to deprive your body of it which is why here at Mellis Berry we have created honey with sea buckthorn. What a majestic combination these two ingredients make not only because of the taste, but also because of the influence this dessert makes on your immune system!

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300g (net weight ~200g) creamed honey with sea buckthorn

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Very few have heard of sea buckthorn, yet many know goji berries. These berries are almost identical, plus here in Estonia we have plenty of sea buckthorn grown. They are reach in vitamins and anti-oxidants. Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, essential minerals, amino-acids, unsaturated and saturated fatty-acids, and much more.

The orange color is due to the presence of beta-carotene (β-Carotene) and lycopene. The former is used to treat various health issues including breast cancer. Sea buckthorn berries also help to lose you weight by inhibiting your appetite and enriching your body with vitamins.

Finally the combination of honey with these berries is truly amazing when curing sore throat.

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